HealthCatch Mission

When your doctor is in your kitchen

People have become increasingly conscious of their health more than ever. Due to the diet-related condition such as diabetes and heart disease which remain stubbornly among the top causes of death, in recent years eating habits have undergone a change, but many people don’t know what healthy food looks like. Many doctors don’t know, either.
It is very frustrating to see their problem solving method was replacing one problem with another or putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms and not addressing the underlying cause of the health issues. For example, removing gluten but replacing it with “junk carb” such as cornstarch, rice flour or tapioca starch will cause your insulin level and your blood pressure to rise, and it can have devastating health consequences. In the other hand, the prescription doesn’t fix what is causing the problem, it only covers up the symptoms.
Critical thinking is key to separating facts from personal opinions and unproven theories. With the ever increasing amount of misinformation, it’s easy for people to get confused and fall for a diet or lifestyle dogma.
Newsha has always been passionate about nutrition and healthy living. She believes that “You are your First Doctor, food is your First Medicine, and kitchen is your First Pharmacy,” and that what you put in your body will affect how you feel, your energy level and your sense of well being.
After numerous years of hard studying and researching the human body systems by attending medical school, she came up with a great solution that every individual should become their own Doctor to catch their health back! This is why we started “HealthCatch” for awakening the Doctor within you. HealthCatch is our way of sharing what we know with you about natural medicine, herbs, nutrition, yoga, meditation, weight lost and fitness